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We need protests, too bad some of them are headed by the likes of Maryam Namazie.

I met her, Maryam Namazia (wearing the Iranian flag), in Stockholm back in 2008, who was a panel guest at Lars Vilks’ screening of his photos and videos at A Day For Freedom of Speech. She’s a full blown commie. I’m glad we weren’t exposed to her ”full monty” at the time, and I could have done without her anti-Israel statements as well.

ex-muslim femme women demonstrate nude in paris 9.3.2014

Arab, Iranian women protest naked in Paris

Posted by Waleed Al-Husseini on Saturday, March 8, 2014

A number of Arab and Iranian women staged an unusual protest in the Louvre Art Museum’s Square to call for equality and secularism on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

Tunisian activist Amina sboui, Egyptian Alia al-Mahdi Iranian Maryam Namazia and five other Arab and Iranian women demonstrated fully naked and called, in French, for freedom, equality and secularism.

More here H/T: Stefan Metzeler

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  1. I admire greatly these women who sacrifice themselves for the good of the many. This is human to human caring. We all need to exist equally, fairly and justly as human beings with equal entitlements to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There are no rights in Islam but only dictatorship. Islamic 6th and 7th century military justice is obsolete in the 21st Century. May God Bless Humanity and Keep US All in His Care.

  2. I just did not find it comfortable , specially that my KIDS were there.. or that does not matter I guess!

  3. Hard for me to say this: but Muslims in America hardly stand up against Islamist oppression. At least loudly and in the media on a weekly level. These women might be a bit over the top, sarc, but..they have the guts to tell the world that the Islamists are simply uncivilized brutes. And brutes they are. The jihadist, sharia, madrases type Muslims are not civilized nor are they good citizens. Good for these ladies even if they shock some.

  4. Marek, naked flesh in itself is not offensive, nor should it ever be considered to be offensive. People have bodies and people are going to see them and have similar anatomy which they at no time should be uncomfortable with (as they will never be without it), unless they are Muslim and have had part of it mutilated as a child. If you allow your children to develop a mental state where they are uncomfortable with others’ skin or their own the resulting neuroses are entirely on YOU. Such neuroses are a pathological cliche of the Muslims and these women are confronting Islam with it, exposing it if you will excuse the pun. Some will look at these women and see THEIR bodies, which they are using of their own free will as is their inalienable right as human beings. The Muslims on the other hand will see baby factories exposed and not under their control, which will anger them and inevitably unleash a litany of damnation scripture from the Qur’an and Hadiths to shame and intimidate them into doing what they wish and removing the idea of freedom over their own bodies denied to Muslim women as dictated in the Muslim belief system for the benefit of Muslim men’s control of their bodies in the name of Islam and it’s perpetuation.

  5. Joe. and Glenn i disagree and you seem fully exposed as you say on other people.USA government are fulfill of shit and hunger running after the oil and we humans should respect one another religion and i do could not argue and write on any religion or tribe or country. Russia will teach US and EU a lesson I love Russia. All this goes to the governments and not people around the world cause we all are human begins and i love every nation and disagree on stupid governments whom are splitting the world countries for there own will.

    1. Islam DOES NOT respect other relgions, nor non-Muslims. Salah, your full of balogna.

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