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Why haven’t Finnish authorities issued a statement yet, of Bilal Philips being banned from speaking in Finland?

Bilal Philips

I have already published a piece on the unidicted co-conspirator in the WTC towers bombing, Bilal Philips, speaking engagement in Finland set to take place later this month (March 28-30), there’s a great need however, to keep this planned event in the eye of the public.

We do need to be asking ourselves why this Islamic fundamentalist preacher is being allowed into the country in the first place, especially when he’s been banned from so many countries for his highly intolerant and bigoted views, let alone his calls for violence against sexual minorities.

Tundra Tabloids’ tipster, CK, draws my attention to the fact that Sheik Bilal Philips worked as an officer in a Saudi prosleytization  program designed to convert US soldiers to Islam.

CK: ”Bilal Philips is coming to a Muslim conference in Finland at the end of March. Why is this man being allowed in Finland? He is banned from the UK, Australia, Germany and Kenya for being an extremist. He is for marriage for prepubescent girls and was thrown out of Germany because he advocated killing gays and lesbians.

He is also involved in this. If Finnish Govt so inept they did not research this man or do they simply not care? Philips told al-Majallah, “Western culture, led by the United States, is the enemy of Islam.” Finland is Western culture. He directly states he is an enemy and we say welcome. ???”

TT NOTE: What is preventing Finnish authorities from banning this avowed enemy of the West, from entering into the country? The Saudies? Sheik Bilal Philips has been banned from Kenya for possible terrorism links, also from CanadaAustraliaGermany and the UK, as well as the US placing him as an unindicted co-conspirator in the WTC bombing trial in the 1990′s.

So the question is, what will the Finnish state police be doing about this?

UPDATE H/T Vasarahammer via IltaSanomat:

Controversial Muslim preacher arrives in Finland – “Security Police aware of the plans’

The controversial Muslim preacher Bilal Philips arrives to preach in Finland in the end of March. The controversial preacher’s arrival is also closely being monitored by the state security police.

According to the Security Police radical preachers have from time to time come to Finland. Muslim preacher Bilal Philips, is alleged to have terrorist connections, and has been refused entry to Germany, and Australia, to visit Finland this month. Helsinki Muslims informed on their home page that he will visit Finland from 29 to 30.3.

Security Police, Inspector General Tuomas Portaankorva, Supos is aware of the plans of Philips. He does not want to take a position on the possible measures of the Security Police due to Philips visit. According to Portaankorva, the radical preacher will be paid attention to “when it is necessary.”

The name of the event Jamaican-born Philips is to be appearing at, is the Submission to Allah. Helsinki Muslims have been very careful in informing on the preacher’s visit. Association’s web site contains a link to a form, where tickets are purchased.

According to the form for those purchasing a ticket, the venue will only be announced a week before the visit. According to the introduction text “racist movements have disrupted the arrangements for the conference.”

Antti Honkamaa, Simo Holopainen

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