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Norway’s Police Security Service seeks wider powers

Published on Wednesday, 5th March, 2014

UPDATED: Terror threats against Norway have increased, the PST’s annual threat assessment report shows. Increased risk, suspects covering their tracks, and threats against politicians have prompted action. ‘Guilty until proven innocent,’ data protection authorities say.

Police Security Service (PST) 2006
The PST’s latest report may lead to increased data surveillance.Police Security Service (PST) 2006
Photo: Penneknekt/Wikimedia Common

Director Marie Benedicte Bjørnland has also expressed concern over how extreme Islamist organisations are growing increasingly good at hiding their data and dealings from them.

As a result, security officials are seeking permission to conduct surveillance on what people type on their computer keyboards. The move, which applies to persons under suspicion, involves installing a Trojan on their system.

“We observe that people who wish to avoid our attention write an email, and then save it as a draft. The receiver then signs into the same account, reads it, then deletes it. We rely on data surveillance to gather this type of information,” she told NRK.

This type of information gathering is currently prohibited under Norwegian legislation, and requires a change by parliament as well as a subsequent court order.

Data Protection Authority director Bjørn Erik Thon tells The Foreigner, “We look upon this as just another example of suggestions from the PST.”

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