Palestinian terrorism



The followers of the ideology of mass murder and mayhem.

The prayed to allah before carrying out their attack.

Security Forces Arrest the Executers of the Bat Yam Terror Attack

The bus in Bat Yam after a bomb on board exploded

The bus in Bat Yam after a bomb on board exploded

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The ISA, in cooperation with the IDF and the Israeli Police, arrested the operatives who planned, prepared and executed the bus bombing in Bat Yam on December 22, 2013 which injured a security personal. The operatives were members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror infrastructure in Bethlehem. In their investigations, the suspects confessed they planned to execute a devastating terror attack in Israel.

The explosive device used for the attack was prepared by the Ta’amri brothers. They used 2kg’s of improvised explosive material, included nails, screws and a cell phone activation system which could detonate the bomb from a distance.

 The explosive device was given to Harimi, hidden in a black bag, which he carried on the morning of December 22, 2013 to the area of south Mount Hebron. He then infiltrated into Israel, along with several other Palestinians through a breach in the security fence.

 An Israeli Bedouin drove him to the area of Jaffa, and after praying in a masque in Jaffa, Harimi took the 240 “Dan” bus company line, placed the explosive device in the center of the bus, departed the bus and a few minutes later, he placed a called to the cell phone, activating it.

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  1. No worries. Peace groups around the world will be campaigning for the release of these Religion of peace members. And Israel will comply.

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