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Traditional koranic inspired Islamic hatred of the other, that anything goes in proving it.

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Anti-Santa campaigns heat up in Turkey as Christmas arrives


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 A Muslim youth group and a neighborhood authority led two separate anti-Santa campaigns on the eve of Christmas in Turkey. 

The Istanbul University branch of a group called Anatolia Youth Association (AGD) released an illustration of a Muslim youth punching Santa Claus in the face and announced that it would make a press statement against Christmas on Dec. 26 in Istanbul.

The group announced the event with a statement titled “Muslim, return to yourself!” adding that “Christmas is a Christianity practice.” The group also criticized the celebration of New Year’s Day, saying that the two dates were “mixed” and “united.” It claimed that celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Day was “wrong” and constituted “a blow dealt to Muslimism.”

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  1. A nice Turkish outreach to encourage amiable tourism and trade for future prosperity and mutual benefit, I am sure.

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