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Talk about desperation.

Barn doors slamming shut just after the horses have bolted. This tells you all you need to know about this batch of political leaders, they really couldn’t care less about the civil society, they are paying more and more interest to what government connected (read suckling at the public teat) corporatists are saying/demanding.

I’m all for the free market, it’s just made up of ordinary people pursuing their own self interests, making million of transactions and deals which ends up benefiting society as a whole. Cronyism between anti-free market government officials and welfare corporatists artificially disrupts that free flow in the private sector, and it has to end, let the free market take care of these jerks once and for all.

Now police fly out to tell Romanians: Don’t come to Britain and commit crime! Officers’ unprecedented trip to try and stem flow of migrants

  • Police warned people in northern rural towns they could be exploited
  • Follows raid on London football club occupied by Romanian gypsies
  • Mission was one of many measures being taken to curb immigration


PUBLISHED: 00:19 GMT, 16 December 2013 | UPDATED: 00:19 GMT, 16 December 2013

Migrant camp: A Romanian is moved on from Park Lane as police crackdown on UK gypsiesMigrant camp: A Romanian is moved on from Park Lane as police crackdown on UK gypsies

Police have travelled to Romania to discourage young men from coming to Britain and committing crime.

In an unprecedented operation, Scotland Yard sent a ‘police mission’ of officers to rural northern Romania.

The trip was designed to help stem the flow of low-skilled migrants who see London and similar cities as attractive destinations.

Officers warned Romanians that if they arrive looking for jobs on the black market they are likely to be exploited or become victims of crime.

But there is also evidence that many of those who come to Britain end up committing petty crimes such as begging and pickpocketing – sometimes recruited by organised gangs who ‘employ’ them to shoplift, steal and rob.

The police operation came after a raid on the derelict ground of Hendon Football Club in North London. Officers discovered that almost every rough sleeper in the squat was from the same remote part of Romania.

One man told BBC’s Panorama that up to 400 people had left his village in the Carpathian mountains for London. He said they were prepared to live in grim camps for the chance of illicit building work where they could earn up to three times their usual wages.

Chief Superintendent Adrian Usher told the programme the message to Romanians was that they should not travel to Britain unless they can support themselves.

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  1. Why let them in – in the first place? What are the benefits of this policy.

    It is the duty of an incumbent government to act only in the interests of the British people. But this is not happening and has not been happening for the past 20 years.

    No wonder politicians as a group are despised.

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