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Winter brings snow to Cairo

Egypt is currently experiencing a cold snap, with night temperatures dropping as low as 2°C / 36°F
Ahram Online, Friday 13 Dec 2013
Meteorologists have said that Egypt’s current cold weather will continue on Saturday, as reports come in of the first snowfall in Cairo in a number of years.

Temperatures currently range between 5 and 11 degrees Celsius (41-52 degrees Fahrenheit) in Cairo, and are expected to sink to around 2-3 degrees Celsius (36-37 degrees Fahrenheit) on Friday night.

Residents of upscale developments on the outskirts of Cairo, including Madinaty to the east of the capital, reported snowfall on Friday morning.

Cairo has also seen heavy rain and sleet, which are expected to continue for the rest of the day in the capital and in a number of other governorates.

The state’s highest summit, St. Catherine in Sinai, will record sub-zero temperatures of -2 degrees Celsius (28 degrees Fahrenheit) on Friday, according to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority.

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  1. To camouflage the scam perpetrated by the global warming fraudsters, they were forced to change the slogan to “climate change”. Hey . . who cares what way the temperature goes – up or down – north or south – the point is (they say with fingers crossed behind their backs) that whatever way the temperature trends . . it’s still “climate change”.

  2. And it’s all due to trapped heat. Is trapped heat anything like trapped wind ? Than can be very uncomfortable.

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