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UKIP has taken the time to lay the case for many years now, at a time when people were not willing to listen. When the failed policies of the EU finally came home to roost, UKIP was there to draw an arrow to what must be done. The rest of the parties are nothing more than the keepers of the status quo, and deserve condemnation and a severe drubbing at the polls come next election.

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Ukip won the argument on Europe and in Europe

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Economics Last updated: December 12th, 2013

My column on this morning on Ukip’s victory in Europe seems to have caused a lot of confusion.

Many took it as an attack on Ukip, and even as an endorsement of Euro-Brit fallacies. It was neither.

My point is very simple. The ideological drive for an EU superstate peaked in 2005, has been sputtering since, and is now nearly dead. Something may emerge – call it variable geometry if you like – that defenders of British parliamentary sovereignty can live with.

The Eurosceptics are winning the argument in a string of countries, to greater or lesser degree. Events in Europe are leapfrogging the debate in Europe. As we saw with the Pitchfork protests in Turin yesterday, even the Italian police are now helping the demonstrations.

Spiralling debt trajectories across southern Europe – and the unbelievable incompetence of the EU authorities in adding deflation to an already dangerous mix – ensures a chronic crisis that will drag on and on, sapping political consent.

The risk for Europe is not that monetary union blows up, but rather that they manage to keep it going for a long time yet on unworkable foundations, doing ever greater damage. As François Heisbourg argues in his book La Fin du Rêve Européen, the euro itself is a cancer slowly killing the European project. The currency must therefore be “cut out” before the decay spreads further. There is nothing to be gained from delay at this stage. The EMU enterprise is fundamentally hopeless.

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  1. Comments are revealing. Despite Ambrose’s hearty “You won chaps” at the end, not many are buying it. Most are declaring they’ll fight on, until the EUSSR is as demolished as the building in your picture is.

    Good. Complacency is what got Europe into this mess in the first place, and going back to complacency right when the momentum is finally kicking off will sink Europe forever. The article gives me hope, but I won’t allow myself to be truly optimistic until the results for the May 2014 elections are calculated and the nationalist, Euro-skeptic parties have made big gains.

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