Gender apartheid Islam in the UK



This is such a big story that it deserves repeated posts about it.

uk university gender apartheid

Vlad slams the hammer squarely on the nail head:

Vlad: I had another listen to it today and noticed what was said at just after the 50 second mark. (link should bring you right there.)

Did you hear that? The BBC reporter actually said:

“…the muslim right to segregate trumps women’s right to sit where they want”.

Get that?

The BBC reporter made the statement that there is such a thing as a ‘muslim right’, which of course there is not, and this fictitious right actually trumps the real right of women to choose where they want to sit.

For clarity’s sake there is no such thing as a collective right. If Jews for example want the right not to eat pork or work on Saturday, then they have the individual right to not order pork or cook it or eat it which may mean they have to change jobs etc. and they have the individual right not to work on Saturday, which again, may mean they may have to change jobs as some companies may be open Saturdays and it would be grossly unfair to non-Jewish employees to force them to work more saturdays to accommodate a Jew who chooses not to. However that Jewish person has the individual right to choose a job or career that doesn’t require working on the Jewish sabbath. He does not have the right to force others to not eat pork or work on Saturdays. These is because there is no collective ‘Jewish right’. Only how people make choices within the parameters of their own rights.

More here.

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  1. How far can the Muslims push the leftists? Is promoting gender segregation to become an agenda item for the left? Sometimes team members get out of line. Have the Muslims pushed the left too far with gender segregation demands?

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