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‘Blasphemy laws in Muslim states are used to silence, keep in check, minorities. Keeping them living in fear of being suddenly drawn and quartered in the public square tends to make them keep their heads down and be more subservient to their Muslim overlords.

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Pakistan Blasphemy Law Getting Even Worse

By  • on December 5, 2013

According to an article in a court in Pakistan has moved to ensure that the punishment for blasphemy in that country will be death rather than life imprisonment.[1]  Life in prison is extreme for someone just practicing freedom of speech but this far worse even than that. Pakistan’s blasphemy law has been used to persecute and terrorize non-Muslims in that country.  Now it appears that things are getting even worse!

Furthermore, OIC demands and Western Governments willingness to comply with them means that this mentality will become established even in non-Muslim countries.  The calls for a global blasphemy law means that this sort of thing may become even more widespread! UNHRC Resolution 16/18 might look innocuous but this is where it leads!

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