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These European boobs are a danger to us all.

You can’t compartmentalize a thug terrorist organization into political and military divisions anymore than you could the office bribing department from murder inc. within the Al Capone gang that once ruled great parts of Chicago. All roads lead back to the main office. What’s in question here however, is a possible sidestepping of weak EU sanctions, with French politicians actually meeting up with Heznazi terrorists (a.k.a. military wing).

The EU permits contact to the so-called political wing of Hezbollah. The US, Israel, the Netherlands and Canada reject the separation of Hezbollah into political and military wings and have classified the entire Lebanese organization as a terrorist entity.

heznazis in beirut

French envoy honors Hezbollah lawmakers in dinner reception


BERLIN – Patrick Paoli, France’s Ambassador to Lebanon, hosted a dinner reception in early November for two Hezbollah MPs and the political militia’s international affairs representative.

The Lebanon Daily Star reported the dinner gathering on Thursday. Hezbollah MPs Ali Fayyad and Nawwar Saheli along with international affairs member Ammar Moussawi were honored by Paoli.

It is unclear if the ambassador violated EU sanctions outlawing contact with the military wing of Hezbollah.

The EU designated Hezbollah’s military wing a terrorist organization in July.

Emmanuel Navon, a French Israeli political scientist, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday he assumes the meeting was with the “non-military wing” because it would “not be a breach of EU policy.”

The Daily Star reported that sources said “that the meeting was Europe laying the groundwork to reverse the boycott of a political party that has national and regional influence, at a time when Takfiri and fundamentalist movements have grown.

The sources said “Hezbollah’s position would improve on the internal, Arab and regional stage after the signing of a Western-Iranian agreement.”

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