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Shame on the lot of them.

Now is the time to be on the right side of history, siding with totalitarians is only going to lead to the demise of the West, what is the matter with EU decision makers?

Documents reveal British banned Geller and Spencer because of their ‘pro-Israeli views’

Documents reveal British banned Geller and Spencer because of their ‘pro-Israeli views’

The British government tried to cover its tracks. But a new cache of documents Robert Spencer and I have received in our battle to overturn our being banned from Britain reveal that a chief reason why we were banned from the country was because we strongly support Israel. As part of our lawsuit against the Queen of England and the Home Secretary et al, we have received numerous documents between the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Office of Security and Counterterrorism, and the Home Secretary. In one of them, an official in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office whose name was redacted wrote this letter on May 7 to a recipient whose name was also redacted:

I have received initial feedback from Post to say that they do not expect that there would be any reaction from the US Administration to these exclusions.

We do have concerns with some of the reasoning in the sub, particularly citing pro-Israeli views and. [sic] Pro-Israeli views (and also support for waterboarding) apply to a large number of Americans, including former Presidents. If, for instance, Geller and Spencer were to request details of their exclusion under FOI/DPA or other mechanism, that being pro-Israeli is cited as a reason may be problematic and they could argue publically that their exclusion is on the basis of their support for Israel.

I may get further advice from Post later tonight which I will send to you first thing in the morning. Meanwhile, we advise removing references to being pro-Israel from the main body of the sub as this is not grounds for exclusion.

The “sub” is the “Subject Profile” – one was drawn up on each of us. There is no way to tell how much about our being pro-Israel was removed, but mine still says, “She strongly supports Israel and is an ardent Zionist.” And also: “Pamela Geller’s outspoken support for Israel may also attract pro-Palestinian groups to attend, further complicating the policing operation on the ground and making it harder to keep opposing groups apart.”

So now we know the real reason why we were banned.

The documents say that I “worked with” the English Defence League. No, I supported their campaign to stop Sharia in London and to oppose Islamic supremacism, while always being wary of some of the elements within the group. Two of their leaders spoke at one of our conferences — but “work together” is overstating matters. Anyway, EDL leader Tommy Robinson has now jumped ship and rushed to condemn his former friends and allies. I didn’t hurry to condemn him, but gave him ample opportunity to clarify his new position; unfortunately, it is clear now that he is a traitor and a liar. I understand that he faces jail time for tax-related crimes, but to throw the EDL in its entirety and every other brave counter-jihadist under the bus makes him the worst kind of turncoat.

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  1. I guess Steven Harper the Prime Minister of Canada won’t be allowed into the dhimmi island

  2. Baroness Warsi, who is a wholly unelected individual, has been allowed to dictate UK policy on this, I am certain. Although she broke numerous rules and should have been removed from any government position, instead, she was promoted, and to very sensitive departments dealing with security.

    As you can see, she was never elected to anything:

    Senior Minister of State

    The minister is responsible for:

    Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh
    central Asia
    human rights
    UN, OIC, International Organisations and the International Criminal Court
    all FCO business in the House of Lords


    She was cleared of cheating, like other muslim members of gov, without any transparency whatsoever. In other words, allowed to get away with theft.

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