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That didn’t take long.

It was a given long before the ink was set to dry, the Iranians will do whatever they want, and Obama has conveniently boxed Israel in from acting unilaterally without paying a heavy political price internationally.

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Surprise, surprise, Iran has betrayed the Geneva deal

28 November 2013 18:54 Douglas Murray
Despite last weekend's agreement, Iran still plans to continue its uranium enrichment programme.

Despite last weekend’s agreement, Iran still plans to continue its uranium enrichment programme.

At the start of this week I hinted that the negotiations which went on in Geneva last weekend were not a meeting of equals.

On one side were the Iranians, representing the clear wishes of their unelected Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini. On the other were the P5+1 countries joined by the unelected Supreme Baroness Catherine Ashton whose primary desire seemed to be to just declare some deal – any deal.

So a wretched deal was done which has initiated the fraying and eventual collapse of sanctions, and Baroness Ashton and Secretary Kerry hugged each other for the cameras and got their moment of feeling like world saviours. Now it is business as usual.

Before even leaving Geneva Iran’s Foreign Minister said: ‘Today’s agreement deals with several sectors, the most important of which is that Iran’s enrichment program has been recognized, and this program will continue.’

Yesterday the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani told the assembly, ‘We don’t need their [westerners’] permission for enriching uranium.’

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