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The whole deal smells, even from the very beginning.


Big ‘greens guru’, Bruce Oreck (pictured above) buys his way into the U.S. ambassadorship for Finland for $600 000, the U.S. embassy in Helsinki then gets a 120 million dollar ‘green technology’ complete makeover, and Fisker Automotive which contracted Finland’s Valmet Automotive to manufacture the Karma, gains a 540 million dollar stimulus package from the US taxpayer. Now the entire enterprise has gone belly up and the US taxpayer is stiffed with a 139 million dollar loss, but you can rest assured, someone, somewhere, made lots of money.

Fisker finally files for bankruptcy, new owner could build more Karmas

Fisker Karma

Posted Nov 22nd 2013 8:22PM

After 18 months of not building any vehicles, plug-in vehicle company Fisker finally threw in the Chapter 11 towel today, filing for bankruptcy protection. The Department of Energy sold its Fisker assets to Hybrid Tech Holdings LLC for $25 million, at a reported $139-million loss. Other reports say the DOE invested $192 million in Fisker, and only got around $53 million back. The DOE put Fisker up for auction last month. Fisker also apparently owes creditors up to a billion dollars. Whatever the exact figures, the point is that the Fisker saga now enters a new phase.

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  1. I cannot speak as to Bruce’s family fortunes prior to his “investment” in our current and abhorrent administration. Certainly he had enough financial muscle (borrowed or not)
    to get him some Obama “stock”. It leaves me to wonder about his rate of return! A $600K investment turned into, perhaps, more than a few million in a short amount of time simply means that Bruce figured out how to rape our treasury from our very own Master Rapist. Who can blame a guy for trying to make a buck, eh? The sucking sound you hear in America is not just the administration – it is also the millions of citizens/non-citizens and other swine neck deep in the treasury trough bleeding our nation dry.

  2. I think America needs a bigger trough. It’s getting so crowded! Is it any wonder why citizens who do pay taxes and are not lounging at the govt. trough are disgusted? Here’s another example. The gov. is spending $300 million on navigator programs to sign up obamacare patients. These are grants to NGOs, and most of these NGOs are leftist uberliberal organizations and you can bet most of that money will disappear and the NGOs will be whining they need more money to ‘finish the job.’ I think we all know what is finished, and that is the USA.

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