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What a maroon.

Periodically on Facebook I receive posts from one of the propagandists at the ‘Europe Disinformation’ office, an EU branch within the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is one of goofball offices that are set up on the taxpayer’s expense to propagandize the taxpayer into giving up more of their liberty. I posted a response to one of the many posts that comes my way:

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Question of the month : Is poverty a security risk in Europe Minister for the Interior, Päivi Räsänen?
‘Answer the questionnaire / Is poverty a security risk in Europe?

My response: ”Big government statism is the threat, redistribution of wealth always creates poverty. Big government statism will never solve anything, it only creates more problems because it can never react quick enough, nor as able enough as the private sector. The EU is nothing more than democratic despotism. In other words, tyranny. It’s the EU itself that is the security risk, end democratic despotism, end the EU.”

So after I post a link to Dutch politician, Geert Wilders’ piece at the Wall Street Journal, ‘The Resurgence of European Patriotism‘, I get the following response from the Department of Europe Disinformation:

Hei Kenneth, Euroopan unioni on edeltäjineen toiminut yli kuusikymmentä vuotta #rauha’n,#demokratia’n ja ihmisoikeuksien puolesta. #Nobel-palkinto oli myös tunnustus tästä työstä. Vaikka rauha matereellamme on yksi #EU:n suurimmista saavutuksista, on rauhanprojektia ja vakautta Euroopassa toki vaalittava myös jatkossa. Lisää voit lukea esim. esitteestämme “EU – Rauhanprojekti”:

Hi Kenneth, the European Union and its predecessors have served more than sixty years # for peace, # democracy and human rights. # the Nobel Peace Prize was also a recognition of this work. Although the peace on our continent is one of the # EU’s greatest achievements, the project of peace and stability in Europe, of course, will continue to be nurtured. You can read more in our brochure for example, “The EU – The Peace Project


Hey, how much are you getting in the way of spreading Eu propaganda on Facebook? More of our tax-euros going to great use huh? You can also place the EU’s ‘Nobel prize’ along side that of Stinky Arafat’s and Barack Obama’s. End the tyranny of democratic despotism, the political elite/resuscitated aristocracy has removed the decision making process from the hands of the people, the best form of government is that which is closest to the people.

The EU does not fit that description in any shape or form. What has kept the peace in Europe, has been individual, true representative democracies, not a despotic leviathan built on Plato’s Republic. You’re a statist, so everything you say and do will represent that mindset. You’re anti-enlightenment.

Oh, and btw, NATO, something that Finns have been debating on for the past 20 some years, was also crucial in maintaining freedom and liberty in Europe during the height of the Cold War. Something that your propaganda conveniently left out.

UPDATE: The administrator for the EU Europe Disinformation Facebook page deleted the comment. I replaced it, but it’ll be removed again, how EU of him or her to do that.

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  1. England spends £3.5bn annually (at a minimum) to police muslim terrorism. And even at that rate (the same cost as running 7 entire police forces out of the total of 44 police forces), there have been multiple instances in the last 8 years where they failed to avert an attack. There was a 2nd attack on the Underground at the end of July 2005, which only failed because of the incompetence of the muslim bombers.

    We can predict that this £3.5bn annually for England will (at least) double every decade. In 20 years time, most of the cost of policing in England will be to prevent muslim terrorism.

    The EU is “maintaining peace” by constructing a police state.

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