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Governing by a pure majority is tyranny.


Whether there is a Republican in the White House, or even in charge of both houses of Congress, the unconstitutional bureaucracy will chug right along enforcing democrat / socialist-statist rule through itself and via rigged courts when certain legislation is challenged.

Obama has repeatedly stated his intentions to circumvent a ‘do-nothing congress’, (read = rule by fiat if not given 100% of what he wants) now Harry Reid and his fellow democrat senators has handed this radical a carte blanche approval system. Any radical who marches in lockstep with the statist agenda, who fully intends to implement full compliance with that agenda, will now be able to don a black robe simply because the president picked him or her. They’re a ‘shoe in for the job’.

Americans have to face the facts, the Democrats have long since given up on representational democracy, opting for pure majority whenever it suits them and a rigging of the judicial system to further ensure that their legislation and programs never be successfully challenged in court. This is yet another nail into the coffin holding American democracy, and every citizen should be made aware of it, and be deathly scared for their future as a people.

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Presidents do not get to refuse to negotiate with Congress on financial matters because the president doesn’t like what Congress has been urgently instructed to do by voters. He doesn’t get to make end runs around Congress.


The Senate voted Thursday, 52-48, to end the filibuster rule for all executive and judicial appointments except for Supreme Court nominees, which would still need a 60-vote supermajority to end debate and move to a majority vote on confirmation. The move, dubbed the “nuclear option,” represents a historic power grab and a blow to the procedural prerogatives of the minority party in the Senate. All but three Democrats voted in favor.

In 2005, when Democrats had inaugurated the practice of filibustering large numbers of nominees, then-Minority Leader Read railed against the GOP majority for threatening the “nuclear option.” That crisis ended in an agreement, brokered by the bipartisan “Gang of 14,” which stated that nominees would only be filibustered in “extraordinary circumstances,” but that there would be no attempted rules changes in that Congress.

The reason for the strong Republican opposition to recent nominees by President Barack Obama has been the strong ideological bent of many nominees, plus the determination of the president to pack the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals by filling several vacancies. That court decides important regulatory cases and has an otherwise low caseload for its current roster of four Democrat- and four Republican-appointed judges.

More here.

NOTE: Once again, remember folks, as radio talk show host and constitutional scholar, Mark Levin, likes to remind, the ‘fourth branch of government’, the un-elected government bureaucracy, which is for all practical purposes synonymous with the democrat party, chugs along regardless of whether there is a GOP candidate in office, or holding one or both houses in the legislature.

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  1. This is gangster politics, the USA is becoming a ‘Banana Republic’.

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