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It’s an excellent interview by Ruth with an author whose book should be placed on everyone’s ‘to read list’, and placed on a book shelf after a thorough reading, and having been passed around from family member to family member and friends alike.

A Review and Interview of ‘American Betrayal-The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character’ (By Diana

In her new book, Diana West says that America did not win the Cold War

In her new book, Diana West says that America did not win the Cold War

Were the Reagan years just a temporary feel good blip since what the late Jeanne Kirkpatrick called “the blame America first crowd” still dominates our academies, the media and the corridors of power? They have closed the chapter on the revelations of Communist crimes and have moved on to airbrushing the dangers and depredations of radical Islam. Is the “cold war” really over or have the protagonists just changed their locus and their focus?

Diana West’s new book “American Betrayal – The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character” makes the startling assertions that we did not win the Cold War or World War II. How can one consider a war won, if a preventable genocide occurred which wiped out one third of the world’s Jewry; when the craven surrender in Yalta left millions upon millions of Eastern Europeans to the “mercies” of Stalin and the KGB; when we abandoned the Philippines and benefited genocidal Communism in China; when spies and provocateurs and propagandists for the Soviet Union continued their penetration of all our institutions including the State Department, making our policies subservient to the demands of tyrants; when the victorious allies in 1945 callously repatriated millions of Russian refugees – from generals and intellectuals to ordinary anti Marxists – men, women and children – to Russia? Even the New York Times noted their frenzied terror and how many chose suicide rather than a return to Russia in this shameful episode.

One may well ask how this could have happened and how could we not have known about it. Diana West’s revelations left me breathless.. In this illuminating and painstakingly researched and documented book, Diana West connects the dots to the early 1930s when the Russians and their subversive American minions moved career communists and spies into main government departments including the State Department. Their lackeys in the media and among legislators enabled them by belittling and discrediting all critics .

These entrenched and influential agents helped craft policy and military strategy in world War 11 which benefited the Russians. In West’s words history, as taught today….’ completely camouflages the hammer and sickle that was growing like a catastrophic cancer in the shadow of the swastika. This was the dark vision we were denied by our Communist-occupied government.”

In fact, as West demonstrates, spying for Russia and disseminating disinformation continued apace well after the Nazi surrender in 1945 and the Japanese surrender in September of the same year.

Well entrenched Communist sympathizers sabotaged the case for General Chiang Kai – Sheck, to burnish Mao’s credentials. Owen Lattimore” a conscious, articulate instrument of the Soviet conspiracy” was installed as an adviser to spy on General General Chiang while promoting the “agrarian” reforms of Mao Tse Tung which killed millions-estimates vary between 20,000,000 and 40,000,000.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

All of this was hidden from us. Due to the machinations and influence of this perfectly placed occupying army of agents (and their fellow travelers and useful fools), the US government increasingly became complicit in hiding and then participating in the Kremlin’s Big Lies/crimes. Hence, our “betrayal.”

As West trenchantly observes more Americans “know” the false story that J.Edgar Hoover wore a red dress…than know anything about traitors Lauchlin Curry, Dexter White, and the epic treason against this country. I would add that more Americans today vilify Senator Joseph McCarthy (whose vilification, West argues, became central to the false narrative we take as historical gospel) and others who sought to expose the Soviet Union but give a pass to Alger Hiss and those who willfully endangered and betrayed America.

As this book demonstrates, our relationship with Russia was always predicated on the “big lie” that obfuscated Soviet ideology, intent and mass murder. Now, West writes, the “big lie” is wrapped around Islam…its dogma, its Koranic imperative, its agenda and its methods are swept under the rug of political correctness — another manifestation of Marxist penetration — while its agents infiltrate our government, our media, our academies and our financial institutions.

Read this book to see how history repeats and how America is again being betrayed.

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