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No longer to be considered a valued analyst.

The former speechwriter for Walter Mondale, Charles Krauthammer, just can’t help from trashing conservatives and conservatism that he pretends to support, but consistently refuses to embrace. You can claim yourself to be anything, write beautiful speeches about, even poetry, but when push comes to shove, and you shove those who voice those same principles under the bus, as you rally around the old and crusty neo-statist establishment politicians and their political hack operatives, what’s one to think?

I’m also re-evaluating Fox News.

It’s now up to Charles Krauthammer to make a mea culpa on his terrible behavior and lack of sound judgement before I welcome him back into the conservative fold, his brilliant mind and excellent achievements (in spite of his physical handicaps) has been clouded by his buffoonish allegiances made with establishment RINO republicans, and not with those who truly represent the American people at large. Those who value liberty and freedom.

Time for drawing a line in the sand with these sell outs.

NOTE: No serious minded conservative would ever appear on these blowhard Lib shows to talk mush, instead, they would seek other credible media to speak the truth of real constitutional conservatism to the people, and they would respond.

Charles Krauthammer On Jon Stewart Show

Charles Krauthammer discusses his transformation from liberal to conservative on The Daily Show and butts heads with Jon Stewart over the GOP.NOTE: He is now to be considered as simply as an establishment Republican, nothing more.

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