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Boris Johnson was right about Muslim women struggling to find husbands

Beware Facebook friends who are robots trying to sell stuff

(Just in case we aint paranoid enough like)

Netanyahu calls for stronger Iran sanctions, ‘credible’ military option

Syrian army finds chemical materials belonging to militants in Joubar

(Now this is from presstv, just saying)

BREAKING NEWS: British teenager who went missing with Turkish waiter is found by police

SamCam’s Syrian lobbying: PM’s wife ‘is behind Cameron’s sympathy for the rebels’

Burned in the memory: The survivors of brutal acid attacks in Bangladesh

Great Horton barber jailed for trying to rape boy 

Secret Unite report calls UKIP a ‘pre-fascist’ party: McCluskey’s union says Miliband ‘panders’ to the Right – and plots more control over Labour

Allen West: Where was NAACP and media when two black teenagers shot a white baby in the face?

Muslim leaders appeal for calm ahead of EDL protest 
BBC, ITV and Channel 4 face inquiry over Anjem Choudary interviews
Media regulator Ofcom launches investigation after radical cleric was given airtime in wake of Lee Rigby’s death in Woolwich 

Rape beast beats bid to deport him

Two hundred Jewish settlers break into Aqsa mosque

Denial is a river in Londonistan

Yellow Alert – High Probability Of False Flags Events

Birmingham man jailed for terror offences 

French Mali hostage Philippe Verdon confirmed dead


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  1. Re: Zimmerman

    So Zimmerman is back in hiding, even though acquitted on all counts. The prosecution could not even get the jury to convict him on the lesser charge of manslaughter.

    Originally, the police and the DA were convinced that Zimmerman was innocent of everything except defending himself. But the US government, with Pres Obama in the lead, subverted justice, fired the police chief and DA, and made political appointments to the vacant positions.

    Now Zimmerman has been acquitted by a jury – unanimous decision.

    So another witch hunt is starting.

    Two main points

    1. The President of the USA interfered in the normal course of justice. This does not happen in free civilised countries, but does happen in countries where show trials are common..

    2. Why have the jury, all women, elected to remain anonymous?

    The jurors are unlikely to be all white, given the race hysteria that is present in the US. So its quite likely that even the Black female jurors believed that Zimmerman was innocent.
    Despite all this, the jurors, like Zimmerman himself, are on the run.

    What has happened to the USA is sad to see.

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