Egypt army ousts Morsi, suspends constitution 

Full military coup’ underway in Egypt, tanks & APCs seen on streets 

 Egyptian Army Announces Morsi’s Ouster 

live from tahrir square military coup 3.7.2013

Live: Egypt protests in Tahrir Square as military deadline closes in (video, updates)

Posted:   07/03/2013 05:14:21 AM PDT
Updated:   07/03/2013 05:22:19 AM PDT

Massive protests in Egypt are coming to a head today, as a military deadline for Egypt’s president, Mohammed Morsi, to come to a resolution with protesters is set to expire. Morsi said in a speech last night that we would not back down to the threat of a military coup. Updates below.

ap military coup 3.7.2013

3 Responses

  1. Perhaps the White House finally realized they made a mistake.

    Sadly, this puts the Ikhwan on ice when Egypt’s economy collapses. As such, they won’t be blamed.

    The coup in Egypt leaves me to wonder: Might Erdogan be next?

  2. On the way to civil war, once culture so flourishing and now scum.

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