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Rocks thrown do in fact kill.

Anyone of these animals caught throwing rocks should be charged with attempted murder, and if shot on the scene, well oh well.

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The actress was shocked and disappointed by the behavior of the Palestinians: “Our partners in peace wanted to kill us. Surely you can not make peace with murderers. They have blood on their hands and I have blood on my forehead.”


Popular actress stoned in Samaria

Monday, July 01, 2013 |  Israel Today Staff

Popular Israeli actress Ronit Shapira, who plays in the satirical series “Latma,” was ambushed along with her husband and three small children by Palestinian stone throwers Sunday night.

Shapira’s husband, Eliezer, was driving the family through Samaria when suddenly he saw stones all over the street and immediately understood what was about to happen.

Shapira recounted the terrifying moments on her Facebook page:

“We were driving through Samaria around 10 PM. My husband became aware of rocks on the road, and it was immediately clear what was going on. He called to me to protect the children in the back seat. Just then a stone hit next to me, and not just any stone, that thing was the size of a grapefruit.”

Shapira suffered a number of cuts and there was broken glass everywhere. But, her husband managed to keep control of the car and drive his family to the next Israeli checkpoint.

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