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How many synagogues and churches have had to address their flocks in a similar manner?

Glad to see some action on their part, but how would it ever come about if not for the actions of the EDL and other activists continuously pointing it out to the authorities? The same authorities trash these activists for infractions of one thing or another, while they themselves (and the PC pimps who pressure them) have been guilty of far worse, like turning a blind eye to the victimization of non-Muslim females, as well as towards Muslim females being abused by their male relatives due to Islamic teachings.

UK mosques giving anti-grooming sermons in response to sex abuse cases

LONDON –  Some 500 UK mosques are planning sermons condemning the sexual abuse of children, following the sentencing of seven men of South Asian origin convicted of a series of crimes against underage girls.

The effort organized by the group Together Against Grooming means that the message was being delivered at Friday prayers at participating mosques.

The anti-grooming group wants imams to stress that the Quran rules out all forms of sexual abuse and that Muslims have a responsibility to protect children and other vulnerable people.

Spokesman Ansar Ali says it is unprecedented for Islamic leaders throughout Britain to band together to deliver a collective message on the same day. A number of prominent Muslim groups in Britain have endorsed the new group.

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  1. I’m sorry but I take This to be nothing more than a stunt a smoke screen for the real truth. The child rape is not going to stop.DECEIT is their favourite weapon . Taquiya is their right, according to the Quran.

  2. Yes, certainly is a smoke screen. Let’s put them to the test and see if they can then speak out about child marriages, then arranged marriages , then FMG. Then anti-semitism , etc etc

    What is more likely to happen is that these 500 imams would be put on a hit list and terrified into saying the same islamic supremacy drivel they’ve spouted for 1400 years.

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