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Inmates running the asylum.

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After revisiting the story, and looking at the UK Home Office letter sent to Robert Spencer, I found this portion to be the most stunning admission of total slavery to Islamic supremacism I’ve come across in a very long time.

spencer uk home office islam 27.6.2013

Folks, everything Robert stated in the above, is 100% true, not a word is out of place, nor is their any malice in his words, just a statement of fact. The present top staff at the UK Home Office has proven itself to be comprised of bed wetting knee knockers, who care not for the truth, let alone for free speech. Un-freaking-believable.

NOTE: that is what Robert Spencer is being banned for, then let the quivering imbeciles ban myself as well. Oh, and btw, Hate Not Hope really showed what they are all about, tyrannical thugs.

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  1. The real problem though is that our ruling elite have no fear of the people. They can do what they like – over tax us, engage in spying on everyone, and pay themselves whatever they think they deserve, and they know that we wont do anything, as we are cowards. Cowardice arises from the root that we do not believe in anything but the man and pursuit of happiness.

    Here is a lovely clip. Its really enjoyable.

    Courage is not innate in any thinking individual, as it goes against a most important and primitive sense, that of self-preservation.

    The Cowardly Lion had to ask the Wizard for courage, and then put his faith that he has the courage when his request was granted.

    So it was with Charles Martell, King Sobieski, Jean Parisot de la Valette, Hunyadi, and their soldiers. They too were afraid as they confronted the Islamic invasions of Europe. They were grossly outnumbered, but they prayed to God and humbly asked Him for His blessing and courage. If it were not so, Europe would have been Islamic long ago. We, and the rest of the world, would be in the worst possible Dark Age, and no Western civilization.

  2. Experts now concede that upwards of 10,000 white girls have been raped/pimped by muslim grooming gangs in Britain in the last 10 to 20 years.

    Almost 10 years ago, the leader of the BNP was put on trial for addressing this issue. The judge instructed the jury: even if what he said is true, you must find him guilty.

    The jury found him not guilty. But the oligarchy who rule in the faux-democratic west have no concern for truth or falsity. Fascism/nazism did not die. It just took over the media, and made Hitler and Mussolini into cartoon characters. In reality fascism/nazism are far more pervasive.

  3. James’s post is very true.
    The Tories are almost at the same level of slavery to the nauseating dogma of freedom of speech curtailment that the creeps of the Labour Party embrace.
    Theresa May should be thrown out!(unless she was forced to deny Spencer and Geller ‘s
    entry by David Cameron?)

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