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Chinese sniffing vacuum of power created by Obama

Nothing to negotiate about, the Arabs want Israel destroyed, Jews refuse state suicide.

chiComs enter me peace conflict 20.6.2013

Beijing’s efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict may enhance its reputation in the Arab world and provide the Chinese with new business opportunities, said Josef Janning, a China expert with the Berlin-based think tank German Council on Foreign Relations, in a DW interview.

Beijing has traditionally remained distant from Mideast affairs. Why is China holding peace talks now?

The Chinese are sending out the message to the international community that they are willing to become increasingly involved in problems affecting the Arab world. Beijing wants to assume responsibility and deal with issues Arabs believe are not being tackled with the necessary zeal.

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  1. What fools we (the USA) are , we waste billions of dollars and thousands of precious lives of our brave warriors in the ME. Only to have our ‘friends’ the Chinese waltz in and make all sorts of oil, military,trade, and equipment deals.

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