Obama and his regime is the biggest joke and scandal ever perpetrated against the American republic.



obama named founding father as founding founders 15.6.2013

An unspecified time ago a bunch of Founding Founders of unknown sexual orientations and sexual identities founded a country on a non-exclusive basis in order to promote free birth control, open borders and cowboy poetry.

We are engaged now in a great civil war for transgender bathrooms, gay marines and abortions for all to test whether a nation so conceived can endure all its abortions.

The White House has today put up a link to a new government website that collates and offers key documents from the revolution and the founding era. But it appears that the administration couldn’t bring itself to say, “Founding Fathers”:

The graceful gender free replacement of choice for the factually sexist Founding Fathers was Founding Founders which like a guy named Lee Lee is hilariously redundant.

If a flock of Founding Founders founded a nation conceived in liberty how many MPH would they turn at the sight of their nation turning into Orwell’s Oceania run by the faculty of University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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  1. Oh dear, as usual “Fathers” have gone AWOL, leaving single lesbian mothers holding the baby.
    The Obama regime has turned a nation that was once proud of its civil liberties, to an Orwellian state. Go USA -first to the Orwellian planet.

  2. The Obamanation is just getting plain silly now. :/

  3. This has been fixed – it now reads “Founding Fathers”.

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