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An Englishman tell the TT that:

I’m inclined to believe it was fraud as the center looked run down and how nice to be able to blame those racist islamophobes too.

Yep, most likely they burned it themselves and then blame the EDL

Tommy Robinson interviewed:

Appearing to suggest that Muslims may have torched the community centre, he wrote: ‘There were 26 fire bombings in Luton with graffiti saying EDL? Guess who was arrested for it? Muslims! Sorry if I’m sceptical’.

mosque torched edl suspected 5.6.2013

Six fire engines and around 35 firefighters tackled the blaze which started in the early hours of today.

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson this afternoon said he was ‘sceptical’ about whether the EDL were involved – but he has not yet condemned the attack.

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  1. The thing that pisses me off about this is that the tards will now have insurance money to rebuild, and they got to blame the EDL. I believe thats called a twofer

  2. And I’ve been on a few marches, now I have met some drunken effwits on those marches, but none dumb enough to spray paint “EDL” on a wall while doing it.

    1. I’ve not seen any pictures of the graffiti. So, there’s one uncorroborated witness statement from a building user that it existed, and possibly some supporting remarks by firefighters. No physical evidence left, I suppose.
      I’ve not seen any credible information as to when the reported graffiti took place – was it the same night as the fire, or weeks beforehand? So, nothing definite on the likelihood of a link between graffiti and fire.
      I’ve not seen any report of the fire investigation findings, so nothing as yet to say whether the fire was deliberately set, or an electrical wiring fault. Therefore, there’s no evidence yet presented that anything criminal has happened (not even graffiti vandalism).
      However, as the victims are muslims, the media consider it safe to jump to conclusions. Round up the usual suspects.

  3. We know that muslims have torched their own buildings and shops before, so let the police investigate and lets see what they can conclude.

  4. Some of the media report the building to be a mosque. It isn’t as it’s not a place of formal communal worship. It’s a community centre used at times for religious education.

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