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I think the Prince has a solution to the jihadi’s troubles with living.

prince harry

Published: 6 hrs ago
 jihad against british royal 2.6.2013

A WHITE Muslim convert walked into a police station and told cops he was going to kill Prince Harry, it was revealed last night.

Ashraf Islam made his chilling threat a day after the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, South London.

Islam, 30, is now facing ten years in jail after admitting threatening to kill soldier Harry, 28, who is third in line to the throne.

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  1. Mmmm…..It would seem he’s taken a leaf out of the Progressive Left’s book of intellectual enlightenment…..Yep, he’s as smart as our illustrious leaders and the media alright…Lmao

    1. Mind you, as Ca’moron, Johnson and all those other intellectually inebriated Lefties would say…..IT’S NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM…

  2. Muslims have no place in the west,as we can see they stick out like a sore thumb,it is no wonder,as violence is endemic in their way of life,with honour killings,beating your wife etc,the list really does go on and on and on..

    As winston churchill once said: ”Islam in man is like rabies in a dog..”

    I mean what is is about islam that makes men froth at the mouth with venom and lies and women repressed and angry?

    When will the liberals wake up,or will they ever?It seems to me they live far away from the consequences of the mess they create.

  3. Reflecting on this current series of convert capers – I’m wondering what sort of ‘issues’ are co-morbid with adult-onset mohammedanism? And, are those issues causative, part of a behavioural cluster that predispose the victim to adult-onset mohammedanism?

    Certainly, as someone who has worked in a secure mental hospital, mr. islam strikes me as a textbook anti-social personality. This report has more salacious details…

    It’s interesting to note that mr islam cherry picks the aspects of mohammedanism that complement his predilections, just as say any other psychopath would have been enthralled by nazi-ism, or charlie manson or such like in the past.

    Given that our prisons are full of these malignant narcissists, and given that mohammedanism acts like a baited hook for these creatures, I’d suggest that mohammedan prisoners are either totally segregated within prison, or, preferably, housed in mohammedan-only prisons in order to contain the spread of the adult-onset malady to those predisposed to infection.

    1. oops, should be

      …housed in mohammedan-only prisons in order to protect those predisposed to adult-onset infection.

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