Classic totalitarian mindset.

In 1999 the late great Nobel winning economist, Milton Friedman said “you cannot simultaneously have free immigration and a welfare state“.

There has to be a way in which to determine whether an immigrant (potential resident) is there for an actual existing job, or purely seeking benefits that he or she hadn’t paid anything into the system for. What the EU is demanding is mandatory wealth distribution without any local oversight or say so whatsoever. It’s tyranny.

The EU is all about changing the existing sovereignty of the individual nation states, into mere appendages of the EU bureaucratic state. The people are no longer to live in sovereign states whose politicians are held directly accountable, on the contrary, they are to live within a European entity whose political axis is in far away Belgium, with a fake parliament whose accountability is to a bunch of mastermind Svengali’s in the Commision.

NOTE: Folks, the EU is not about liberty and freedom, it’s about control, of you.

collapsing EU

EU commisars demand uk pay immigrants benefits

It says the UK’s “right-to-reside” test, where migrants have to prove they are employed or actively looking for work before receiving welfare payments, is an illegal form  of “discrimination” under EU rules and should be scrapped.

The opening shot in this new battle with Brussels was fired by the  Works and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith who told the European Commission he will “see them in court”.

The attempt to outlaw the right-to-reside test is being seen by the Department of Works and Pensions as a threat to the way the UK has tried to combat “benefit tourism”. The government is adamant that the test is a “vital and fair tool” to aid decisions that ensure benefits are paid only to people legally allowed to live in the UK.

Mr Duncan Smith forcefully indicated that he intended to fight the Commission “every step of the way” and accused Brussels of engaging in a “blatant land grab” against a national government.

He told the BBC: “The Commission are trying to use freedom of movement as a way to start controlling what national governments [within the EU]  do about those who are not in work in their countries.”

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