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Dutch Muslims See Their Co-Religionists who leave to Fight in Syria as “Heroes”

73% of the Dutch Mulims see the youths who leave for Syria to fight as heroes. 70% of the autochthonous disagree with this. Most Muslims think that those who want to leave for Syria should not be held back. They don’t want them to be arrested and prosecuted. When they return, they should be accepted back into Dutch society and their Dutch citizenship should not be revoked. A quarter of the Muslims considers the youths who leave for Syria as “jihadis.” The same percentage of autochthonous Dutch think so. 49% of the Muslims is in favor of supplying weapons to the rebels. 6% of the autochthonous Dutch are in favor.

75 percent dutch muslims think jihadis as heroes 30.5.2013

way. They do not want them to be preventively arrested and prosecuted. On return, the fighters are included in the Dutch society again. Their Dutch nationality should not be taken away. Righteousness The majority of Muslims do not see the Syria-goers as jihadis, but rather as fighters for justice. Only a quarter speaks of jihad. The natives that percentage is the same. Yet natives returning warriors often regarded as potential terrorists, whose Dutch passport must be taken. Specific Muslim groups strongly identify with the struggle in Syria.

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  1. Let them go and get a good ‘lead shower’, fewer problems for the Dutch.

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