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If you can’t even name it, you can’t properly fight it.

It’s not that our governments can’t protect us against Islamic terrorism. It’s that they choose not to.

The enemy we fight is not unknown. His soldiers are no ciphers. Their names sit in intelligence databases. And when the names come up on their screens, the analysts nod and go, “Yes, him. Thought he might do something like that one day.”

memorial day for islamic terror 28.5.2013

Listen long enough and you realize that every politician is working from the same script.

After Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the second Boston bomber, was captured, Obama gave a little speech praising the “diversity that makes us strong” and asserting that “we refuse to be terrorized.”  After the butchery of Jewish children by a Muslim terrorist in Toulouse, France last year, President Sarkozy talked up Muslim victimhood and said, “We mustn’t give in to terror.”

“I want the world to understand that our actions today were not aimed against Islam,” President Clinton had said, as he announced strikes against Al Qaeda targets after the bombings of American embassies, “the faith of hundreds of millions of good, peace-loving people all around the world, including the United States.”

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  1. When George Bush first announced way back that “Islam is a religion of peace”, and the USA was not at war with Islam, I think I was the first to comment on Jihad Watch, that to fight the enemy properly one has to state who and what the enemy is. One cannot fight “Terror”, as it is merely a tactic. This is a most complicated war, as we are not fighting a nation but a belief system. Yet to get to real objective, belief, one has to make a side attack using the military.

    Some years back, I began to see why the West took so long to respond to 9/11. It was clear that the normal massive response to an attack such as 9/11 could not be put in effect, as the perpetrators were a motley bunch of 19 Jihadis. No nation or nations could be held responsible. The forces of the West are configured not just to destroy armies but to destroy nations. That is what the West is good at, so who to attack and how? Thus a strategy had to be formed and executed from shifting from the pointless task of hunting lone Jihadis ( police action as that formulated by the Clinton Administration) to a global battlefield.

    A core component of this strategy is to insist that the Jihadis have misinterpreted the Koran and “Islam is a religion of peace”. This was insisted by ALL Western states (No exceptions, amazing when you think of it). They have stuck to this thrtough thick and thin no matter how much they are contradicted by Western scholars, imams and Jihadis themselves.

    This strategy of “not being at war with Islam”, has allowed the West to invade and do what ever they thought was necessary, using whatever reasons they thought would fly at the moment.

    Let us consider if the West had stated the truth of Islam i.e., Islam is inherently violent, has expanded by the sword and continues to this day, Jihad is mandatory on all Muslims, and Islam has much in common with the Nazis etc, what would happen? That would immediately put us at war with Islam. For a start, it would unite the Islamic world. Instead of taking down one nation at a time, the West would have to fight on multiple fronts. Instead of having ready made bases in Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait etc, we would have to fight on the beaches. Instead of achieving our objectives ( and these are not the publicly stated ones) , we would have no real impact at all. Even Saudi Arabia, wholly dependent on the Wet for survival, would have to shut off the oil to the West and Japan. It would also put us at loggerheads with China.

    Suffice for the moment, that the war on “Terror” is proceeding quite well – better then I expected.

    Bear in mind that military war on Terror is already won. Attacks such as at Woolwich and Fort Hood, are merely the last gasp flaylings of a defeated enemy, like lone Japanese kamikaze fighter in the jungles of Malaysia. What we have to do now is to win the peace.

    Muslims and the Islamic world know that they have lost the military war. Islam has been defeated militarily, which is not what Allah promises. We are now in the process of making sharia states for them. This is quite deliberate, as we wish Muslims in Islamic countries to get a full dose of sharia, and see if they like it.

    Hearts and minds have to be won. Some can be won by logic, and some will be won by experience. “Sharia” is the experience.

    In the meantime, in the West itself, smile and be kind and compassionate to hard working and civilized Muslims you see on the street. They must be under severe mental pressure, I have no doubt of it. Hate has never conquered the hearts and minds of the enemy. Love though conquers all, specially the hearts of women.

    Total Victory is never achieved until one has the conquered the heart and mind of the enemy.

  2. I read Daniel’s piece – but our governments/BBC &. will never learn.

    Jack Straw, British MP whose constituency is in a high Muslim area was keen to play the ‘Christian’ Crusade card – let’s go back to the stone age then……..but that’s not what irks me. I wrote this for Melanie Phillips site, but didn’t want to sign up to the DMail to post: using the Jack Straw argument obfuscates the truth and allows text adherent Islam to grow: no-one wants to listen, but one last time:

    True Christianity is following the Spirit in Jesus, who did NOT do away with the law (Matthew 5:17) but interpreted in its true spirit: so, true Christianity should just only be a branch of Judaism, nothing else, as it was in the 1st century; also, a Jewish divine ‘son of man’ was NOT an uncommon belief in Judaism pre-Jesus according to the Rabbis.

    Reformation came when people could read for THEMSELVES! Jesus NEVER called for violence as Mohomet did. The New Testament explicitly says to tell the message of forgiveness of sins which separate you from a Holy deity, but people can walk away, unlike Islam, which has no such promise and their “THE” Prophet” is an Ishmaelite and not an Isrealite (Deut 18:18+) so that should be the end of it.

    All church based ‘Christianity’ is a form of Catholicism (sunday, easter christmas, eucharist, calling the law a strange thing) true believers in Jesus are as rare as hens teeth.

    True Islam is following the spirit of Mohomet, unfortunately they are not as rare as hens teeth – look at all the Muslim world.

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