What did he expect to hear from a bigot, other than words of bigotry?

john conyers

Not holding Black Americans to the same standards as everyone else (regardless of the good intentions) is in itself, an act of racism. As with Obama, who sat in a Black separatist church for 20 years, brought his entire family to hear Wright’s infamous racist speeches, John Conyers willingly plopped his rear into the seat to listen to the notoriously bigoted/racist Louis Farrakahn. No decent person would be caught dead attending anything connected to Farrakhan.

NOTE: Mark my words, this will not have any lasting effect on this man’s already too long political career, nor on his legacy, the media couldn’t care less.

conyers shocked that a bigot-racist gave bigotted-racist speech 25.5.2013

Conyers, who attended Farrakhan’s speech Friday night at Fellowship Chapel, issued a strong statement that distanced himself from the Nation of Islam leader’s remarks, which were blasted earlier this week by a Jewish civil rights group and others.

“Farrakhan made unacceptable racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic statements, which I condemn in the strongest possible terms,” Conyers said. “It was my expectation that Minister Farrakhan’s speech would focus on the many challenges facing the city of Detroit. In previous days, he had discussed efforts to revitalize our city by purchasing property and investing in blighted neighborhoods. Regrettably, he used this opportunity to promote views that have no place in civilized discourse.”

Shocking. Who would have thought that Farrakhan would spew hateful bigotry when given a big shiny podium, instead of dealing with the challenges facing Detroit. Like the challenge of the Racist White Jew bloodsuckers created by a Black Mad Scientist named Yakub who will return in his UFO to banish the white beast-men from the earth… as Nation of Islam doctrine states.

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