Adnan Oktar cult



When a member of the Islamic version of the Stepford Wives raises the ante to stem further criticism of their cult.


Sugar coated poison with forked tongue.

aylin kocaman_i believe in Allah

I have heard exactly that about the Cult of Oktard, you manage to get under their skin by pointing out the glaring inconsistencies in their highly fallacious/disingenuous  argumentation, and they’ll level veiled, or not so veiled, threats in your direction.

Lisa Michelle, a conservative pro-Israel activist who has been at the forefront (among other stalwart voices) in unraveling the lies surrounding the Oktard putsch in trying to get a toe within the pro-Israel camp. They’ll use any form of twisted logic to try and win Jews and Christians into backing their Jim Jones cult-like movement.

Lisa sent me the following screen capture of Aylin Kocaman’s threat, in a post (now offline) at Israeli Frontline’s FaceBook page:

aylin kocaman threatens lisa michelle 25.5.2013

Last month, Dr.Andrew Bostom, over at the Jewish Press took the time to Fisk and debunk yet another screed from a member of the Islamic Stepford Wives  pool of Oktard’s, Sinem Tezyapar. Sam Westrop has a site dedicated in debunking the crazed sex-cult as well, I recommend anyone interested to check out Sam’s pdf report on the cult.

The bottom line here is, you can’t trust a movement, in this case a bona fide cult of the Muslim extract, that uses outright lies and obfuscations to explain its philosophy, and then uses open threats to intimidate those  who are  conducting unwanted scrutiny of their claims. This is a wake up call to those fence sitters, some of who are mesmerized by their inflated chests, not to be fooled.

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    1. According to Islamic doctrine, the blonded, breast-implanted, lip-plumped, make-up applied with a forklifted harem must be veiled in public, and I also doubt that one is allowed to pimp out one’s harem for fun and profit. Also, I am curious as to whether all the Oktards were born female, although certain Muslim clerics, such as those in Iran, actually encourage this.

      1. But don’t let the Barbie doll look or even Barbie doll brains fool you. Never underestimate the power of Jim Jones Syndrome.

  1. I know and respect Lisa Michelle, and am sorry to see her being harassed and threatened in this manner. While the Oktar cult has nothing on Lisa, I can only imagine how they co-opt those who they do have something on, e.g., men starring in Oktard sex videos. JewishPress has taken it upon themselves to aggressively shill the Oktards, viciously attack on social media any criticism of them and delete any critical and informational comments about the cult. I cannot find any article on Andrew Bostom’s blog about the cult, so perhaps he has been pressured to take it down.

    Cult leaders aren’t known for their creativity. They employ what has already worked in the past. Oktar borrows from his predecessors. He takes recruitment via seduction from the “flirty fishing,” of Children of God/The Family, co-opting the media, infiltrating police and government, turning over assets from Jim Jones/People’s Temple, buying the respectability of religious and political officials via front groups that align with their values a la Moon/Unification Church and dirty tricks and lawfare courtesy of Scientology.

    Gosh, I sure hope they don’t find out about the thousands of Turkish infants I am keeping in my spare bedroom to fatten up for next year’s Passover matza. 🙂

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