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No surprise whatsoever.

Choudary refuses to condemn the evil deeds of the terrorist.

From the TT’s comments, Jacob:

anjem and his prodigee

Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah posted a picture of the London jihadi attacker alongside preacher Anjem Chaudry captured from the BBC. One of those freak chance encounters that happens sometimes, I presume – Because surely this man can’t be an old chum of such a stand-up citizen as Anjem Chaudry?

BBC video of it here from a 2007 demonstration.

anjem choudary and london murdering terrorist of woolwich

meat clever terrorist uk

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  1. There was a piece of puerile hand-wringing in yesterday’s DT regarding richard dart, the adult-onset mohammedanism sufferer, who seems to have been effectively groomed by the execrable choudary…

    It’s very obvious, that like any other groomer, choudary is an adept of manipulating the psychologically inadequate. In that respect, he’s just like a paedophile hanging around a halal meat rack – (sorry, I meant to say ‘children’s home’) – sly, narcissistic, and engorged with entitlement.

    And with that in mind, although it is nauseating to witness this repulsive parasite leave his trail of slime across my tv screen, I can’t help but think that he’ll meet a suitably sticky fate.

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