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Gee, I wonder where they get their inspiration?

mo hitler

hajj amin al-husseini nazi mustard


They really do hate the Jews this I know, for their koran tells them so.

nazi flag flies in arab village in israel 20.5.2013Hundreds of residents of South Mount Hebron, Kiryat Arba – Hebron and Gush Etzion, who were driving to Jerusalem on Monday morning, spotted to their utter surprise a swastika flag perched up on the outskirts of the Arab settlement of Beit Ummar.

More here at Israellycool

H/T: Brian John Thomas and Israellycool

muslima loves hitler

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  1. The world is duped for political agendas without any consideration to the fact the the same will happen to them once they are done with the Jews! They will soon find new people to destroy , lands to take, women to rape, shrines to destroy! What else do they know? Certainly getting an education would be too difficult for them as being a barbarian culture is much easier for them! Lazy bastards!

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