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You tell me, how can someone say that they weren’t threatened in any way, but feared that they were about to be executed? Do you think their experiences with the enforcers of Islam 101 will sharped their senses to be against the instituting of the sharia in all of its forms? How much do you want to bet they’ll sympathize with their captors?

NOTE: What wasn’t asked (as far as I know) was why they went there even after they were both warned not to go? Moronic.

Freed hostages: We were treated well under the circumstances — but feared execution

Two Finns, Atte and Leila Kaleva, who were kidnapped in Yemen last December and held hostage for 140 days, appeared before the Finnish media Thursday for the first time since their release last week. Atte Kaleva said there were times when he feared one or both of them would be killed.

In a prepared statement, Leila Kaleva said that the couple was kept together throughout their captivity and treated well in light of the conditions. She said their food and drink was the same as their captors’, and that they were “treated as a family”.

She added that for some of the time, her husband was chained, but she was not. They said they were not subjected to violence or threats.

However in response to a question from Yle News, Atte Kaleva referred to “the moments when I thought I was going to be executed or my wife was going to be executed” (see video above).

Atte Kaleva said that their kidnappers were tribal members, whom he described as Salifists and al-Qaida sympathizers.

Before his third visit to Yemen, he says, “I informally talked with many officials, including at the Finnish Embassy in Saudi Arabia, the Finnish Security Police, the Defence Ministry and of course my own superior, the commander of the Pori Brigade. They all brought up their concerns about the dangers of going to Yemen.”

Tight-lipped on many details

The two denied any knowledge of the payment of a ransom for their release.

They declined to comment on interviews with a fellow Austrian hostage in which he described much more unpleasant conditions and threatening behaviour from their captors. The Kalevas noted that they were kept apart from him for about five weeks of their four-month ordeal.

They also refused to comment on details of their abductions or release, noting that Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation is carrying out a probe of these issues.

Atte Kaleva added, “We also promised our Omani friends that we would not reveal details of our release.”

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  1. Who the hell are they?

    Why the stereotypical, idiotic claims of having been treated well when they have been victims of a crime?

    Omani “friends?” Promises?

    These hostages stink just like their captors.

    1. Excellent question Cloudberry, as you well know though…you can’t 🙂

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