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School books are faulty, check. Misogynist clothing, check. Indoctrination with a destructive monoculture ideology in a language they don’t understand, check again. Islam good, Christianity bad, check. Dirt poor but happy , check.

NOTE: And the very same dunces writing and publishing this tripe will tell you that the prime motivation of Islamic terrorism is, you guessed it, …..poverty.

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The author is a freelance journalist.

Aamulehti: Muslim school students learn the basics of Islam at the age of six. Prayers are arranged daily.

Lempäälä’s English lecturer Marja-Leena Tavi went on to retire in the fall of 2012 upon becoming a volunteer teacher in Indonesia for three months at a Muslim school on the island of Java. The long-term dream came true through the International Voluntary Service Association.

SD Muhammadiyah School is located in the small village  in the middle of rice, chilli and walnut crops, surrounded by volcanoes. The endless road there goes through the village. The traffic is chaotic, more motorcycles than cars, and no one follows the rules.

Of the thousand of inhabitants in the village the school has 130 primary school pupils. It is maintained by Indonesia’s second largest Islamic group, Muhammadiyah, the organization, which maintains schools, hospitals, and universities.

– There was a reception committee, when I came to visit the school. Everyone was very friendly.

In a Muslim school one dresses modestly – long skirts, long sleeves, is open at the neck, no sandals. Female Teachers wear a head scarf, girls as well.


The school studied, among other things, religion, Arabic, mathematics, science, Indonesian and Javan language and English.

– I taught English for five days a week. Sometimes it was a bit frustrating when the text books contained a lot of mistakes. I would like to use a computer, but the internet connection was missing.

Religion has a very important role. Each lesson to begin and end in prayer, in Arabic and the Koran verses. The little one recited them from memory and from big page of the Qur’an. At noon is the most important prayer. Then all will go to their own schools at the mosque, also girls, whose place is at the back of the mosque. Girls put on long robes, in addition to scarves .

Islam is the only religion to them.

– “Islam good, Kristen not good,” enlightened one class of girls to me.

Children in a Muslim family are raised in accordance with the family parents’ beliefs and behavior. At that time a child begins to embrace Islam’s external forms, such as prayer. At school he become familiar with the Qur’an and the religion are taught six hours a week.

The child is taught how to prepare for prayer, how prayer mat is spread, how wear a hijab, and, above all, how to ritually wash oneself.

– I followed the teacher a hands-on advise of the students, on how to wash your face, arms, legs … Taught also, how to gargle.

For a Muslim prayer is for a person’s long term growth, contact the Creator, the source of life. Gathering dust on the Qur’an is a shame.

Getting to know a foreign culture enriches the lives of people .

Although almost half of Indonesia’s population lives below the poverty line, people are happy. Community, helping and concern for others are always present.

In Indonesia, children are instilled from an early age with the Islamic tradition.

Please can we learn to better preserve our religion and our cultural heritage, including the schools, to strengthen it, not to scrap it?

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2 Responses

  1. “Islam good, Kristen not good,”

    Anything but our own culture and civilisation.

    This dimbulb is teaching English, but before long that will be replaced with Arabic.

    Her job will be redundant.

  2. “Getting to know a foreign culture enriches the lives of people .”
    Unless you are a muslim experiencing Western culture then it could be the death of you and by the hands of your own mother and father.
    I wonder if Tavi could be honest and tell what would happen to her if she dared to even question mo or allah. This lady has been extremely selective on islam in Indonesia. I think it’s dangerous to hide important information that could save other Westerner’s lives.

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