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Israel demonizers are strange bedfellows.

hawking and church of scotland demonizing israel 10.5.2013


After agreeing to deliver the coveted keynote in Jerusalem, the highly unorthodox Hawking, who has visited Israel four times, has caved to the prevailing virulent anti-Israel orthodoxy among the United Kingdom’s elite and announced he’ll boycott because of Palestinian protests.

It’s interesting that Hawking, who is a principled atheist, has some kindred souls among theologians of the Church of Scotland.

In their spiritual wisdom, the Church will vote on a report next week entitled: “The Inheritance of Abraham? A Report on the ‘Promised Land.’”

It questions the notion that the Bible “supports an essentially Jewish state of Israel.” The report alleges that “increasing number of difficulties and current Israeli policies regarding the Palestinians,” and challenges this viewpoint.

“Possession of any land is clearly conditional,” we are told. “The question that arises is this: Would the Jewish people today have a fairer claim to the land if they dealt justly with the Palestinians?”

Biblical promises about the land of Israel were never intended to be taken literally, or as applying to a defined geographical territory, the report argues.

Instead, it said: “They are a way of speaking about how to live under God so that justice and peace reign, the weak and poor are protected, the stranger is included, and all have a share in the community and a contribution to make to it.

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  1. I never had much respect for Hawking, as his contributions are nothing but fairly simple extentions of Einstonian physics. He is the darling of the BBC and atheists though, as he speaks their language. Its the same thing with Dawkins.

    Hawking’s latest stand on Israel shows that Hawking is unable to separate
    fact from propaganda.

  2. The attitude of the Church of Scotland is surprising when you take into consideration that during the middle ages, then independent Scotland was pretty much the only nation in Europe that didn’t at some time or the other order an expulsion of all Jews.

  3. The Gramsci method requires leftists to infiltrate all institutions. One of the main ethical institutions in the West is the church. The church, particularly the protestant ones, have been heavily infiltrated by Marxists. And if one believes Ann Barnhardt, and there is no reason to doubt her, so is the Catholic church.

    There is some evidence that ex-Pope Benedict and Pope Francis are trying to remove these Marxists cuckoos from the nest.

  4. Contd

    I have maintained that as Islam masquerades as a religion, it cannot be fought by secular means. It can though be fought and defeated, if we do so in prayer to Christ. But first one has to neuter the effect of leftists in the church. So if you can, join a church and start the process.

    I keep thinking, that the fall of communism took place because a few catholic fathers refused to be intimidated by the terror paraphernalia of the secret police of communist Poland, and continued to give sermons to the people.

    1. Churches that succumb to the social gospel and/or the trappings and paraphenalia of tradition are only the useful idiots for Islam.

      I wonder if the Lutheran Church has gone down that dead end?

      Only Christian churches based on the Bible possess the will and strength to oppose totalitarian ideologies.

      But so far they are not recognising the enemy for what it is.

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