Blood libels Egypt Islamic anti-Semitism




This form of antisemitism in the Muslim world is a cross pollination from Christian Europe, which was easily incorporated into traditional Islamic antisemitic motifs developed exclusively from Islamic religious texts and traditions. It’s an evil toxic mix.

Elder Of Ziyon: Egyptian newspaper publishes TWO articles saying Jews drink gentile blood on Passover:

It appears that the Muslim versions of the medieval blood libel are even more lurid and sickening than the Christian versions were centuries ago. And this one can be published on the Internet, instantly, to immediately create the next generation of antisemites who believe what they read in the newspaper.

This comes on the heels of the Miftah NGO publishing a similar screed in Arabic last month. Miftah has refused to publish an Arabic language apology for that article, ensuring that Arabic speakers continue to believe the most disgusting lies about Jews and contrary to its stated goals of peace and harmony.

anti-jewish blood libels in egyptian press 2.5.2013

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