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Signs of intelligent life causes uproar within the radical left.

The Norwegian paper Aftenposten is of course against the Israel-friendly policy of the Norwegian Christian Democrats, and seeks out the extremist voices on the Left to discredit its rational, logical based party platform. The use of the term ”expert” in this hit piece describing NTNU Jørgen Jens Haugen, should be understood only as ”a licence to violate our common sense.”

These ”experts” would want you to believe that there are no qualified lawyers in Israel whose specialty is in international law, who are more than able to eloquently build a case for Israel’s right to be within Judea and Samaria. These clowns would love for you to remain ignorant of the San Remo Conference in which Jewish right to settle the land in question was introduced into legal binding legislation and codified into international law within the then League of Nations which the UN was duty bound to adopt as well.


NOTE: These are the same hypocrites who speak about international law, while Norway is committed under international law to bring Iran and Hamas leaders to an international court under the UN Genocide Convention.

Norwegian christian democrat party policy towards israel condemend by anti-israel politicians 28.4.2013

If the Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg gets first choice met in the fall – one four party government – Norway will get a government in which two parties, the Christian Democratic Party and the Progress Party, want a new policy towards Israel and the Middle East.

Middle East expert Jørgen Jens Haugen, NTNU, says its Israel program is vague, contradictory, but overall pro-Israeli. He says the tone of the program has “acquitted” Israel.

– There is a lot missing. The word occupation is not mentioned, nor Israel’s responsibility. Right of return for the Palestinian refugees from 1947 and their descendants, is indisputable in terms of international law.

FRP competition

He believes the Christian Democratic party platform for the Middle East is mostly aimed at the domestic market, the Norwegian voters.

– The current government has been somewhat at odds with the Israeli government. It’s Christian Democratic voters are unhappy with it. This is probably why as much about the Christian Democratic Party and the Progress Party is a strong competition for the votes of Israel’s supporters in Christian Norway.

Middle East historian Hilde Henriksen Waage says KrF Israel policy for the next period breaks dramatically with the principles of Norwegian foreign policy.

– It is remarkable that the Christian Democratic Party in a new party program speaks of self-government and not a two-state solution. But I still think formulations of neighboring countries’ responsibility to solve the refugee problem is the most serious. This is a thinking man must go back to the ’50s to find as they conjured the “Arab stammefrendene” to take responsibility for other Arabs. The formulations have an imperial feel to it.

– Violation of Bondevik line

Waage is surprised that a “party who has ambitions to become a ruling party in 2013 chisels out a manifesto that violate international law.”

– Can Christian Democrats, along with FRP, getting approval for a new foreign policy?

– This is a break with Kjell Magne Bondevik line, and the policy KrF-Secretary Vollebaek (1997-2000) was responsible. So we do not know about KrF or FRP can get foreign minister in a new government. This is far from the Conservative point of view, but a new four party government has to also FRP and KrF get through, so it’s hard to tell.

More here in Norwegian.

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