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I believe that were there are the greater concentration of Muslims placated by the state, you’ll see a greater concentration of people more interested in SD politics. Abandoned by the big parties, the people will turn to a party who will listen to them.

sd rake in support in the south 22.4.2013

“In Malmö, our membership numbers are up by 30 percent in the past six months,” Sweden Democrat Malmö municipal district chairman Jörgen Grubb told The Local. “We see a general increase so it doesn’t surprise me that support has gone up regionally.”

Neither did the new poll result surprise observers who are traditionally critical of the Sweden Democrats.

“Skåne has traditionally been their strongest stronghold, so it’s not surprising their support there is above the national average,” Alexander Bengtsson, deputy CEO of the magazine Expo, which covers nationalism and racism, told The Local.

Some commentators reacted to the news on Monday by saying the Sweden Democrats may be gaining ground in Skåne due to the widespread discontent in the region at how the healthcare system was being run.

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  1. 22 percent of the male respondents to the poll indicated that they would vote for the Sweden Democrats, compared to 12 percent of the women, giving the total of 17 percent. In comparison, 23 percent of the male respondents and 30 percent of the women in the region give their support to the SDP. These are quite astounding numbers! Consider the fact that the SDP got 87,52 percent of the votes in the (immigrant area) Herrgården voting district (Rosengård) and you get the picture that the SDP is less the party of the Swedish workers in southern Sweden and more the party of the immigrant no-workers.
    Looking at voting districts around where I live, my impression is that the same transformation is taking place here as well as probably all over the country.

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