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It makes domestic politics seem like sandlot arguments.

The EU is the biggest power grab of state sovereignty since the USSR and its Warsaw Pact. How people have become used to having every single aspect of their lives under control of a foreign entity, with no chance of influencing politicians in other states under the influence of special interests, is beyond me. Wake the hell up.

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Merkel To Europe: “Prepare To Cede Sovereignty”

The liquidity tsunami that started in September of 2012 in the Marriner Eccles building and continued with the BOJ’s own epic QEasing expansion three weeks ago, has so far provided the impetus for Europe to kick the can of its inevitable dissolution for a few more months, yet slowly but surely the market is starting to read through the artificial levels implied by Italian and Spanish bonds, driven by recycled ECB funding via bank and repo conduits and of course Japanese carry cash, and rumblings of a return to crisis conditions are back.

And as always happens, once the crisis talk is back, so is discussion of a fiscal union. Sure enough, earlier today Germany’s Angela Merkel once again reminded everyone just what the stakes are in order to achieve a truly stable, and sustainable European union: nothing short of ceding sovereignty to Germany. And with that we are back to square one, because that has always been the trade off – want a unified, fiscally and monetarily, Europe? You can get it: just bow down to Merkel.

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  1. It’s certainly beyond me, too, and I’m wide awake. But this provides a possible answer. Why the hell am I sitting here at my terminal griping about the EU power grab rather than actually doing something about it, other than voting for an appropriate Persu candidate on every possible occasio? I mean, what is there for one to do?

    Pörri Orava

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