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Looking at his Wikipedia site, he’s known for making all kinds of outrageous statements  death threats etc., a real credit to his choice of ideology. He keeps his seething Muslim supporters on his Facebook page satisfied.

H/T Tanguy Veys

akbaruddin owaisi tard

AkbaruddinOwaisiFBSick bastard.

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  1. Well, technically, for once, he’s not making any comments about the bombing, just mentioning what he’s heard or seen in the news. It’s the commenters who are the sick bastards. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the jerk who Liked them. Nah, he’s all about anti-Hindu rhetoric. Made a fiery speech where he almost openly declared war on the Hindus in India (something about how 250 million Muslims would kill 1 billion Hindus, if the cops weren’t around; classy, eh?). As my Hindu friend told me, last time the Muslims tried something, the 2002 Gujarat riots happened. And the people of Gujarat are considered peaceniks compared to the rest of the countrypeople.

  2. This is very wrong things, some disturbing elements insinuates other people on the basis of dharam, religions etc, This type effects only common man who is in majority. We have to make a close tab on such people to make world beautiful and delightful.

    We should make social team from common peoples, so that complete indian rural development can be done.

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