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 I would love to airlift these clowns to Pyongyang on a one way ticket. 


These are the holdovers from the Soviet period, the brainwashed children of some of the more hardcore Stalinists who literally believed in all of the fantasies they heard about the USSR. I’m reminded of a Finnish book, by Taisto Huuskonen, titled Laps Suomen (Child of Finland).

As a committed Communist he left for the Soviet Union with his wife. Deemed a spy early  on, he and his wife were sent to a labor camp in Siberia for a long period, and after 26 years he finally made it back to Finland. The unflattering stories he told about Russian communism made him a hated figure within his old circles in Finland, they simply refused to believe him.

NOTE: It wouldn’t surprise me if Juha Kieksi’s parents were among those who were Huusokonen’s worst critics.  H/T Sanna

finnish activist supports n.korea 17.4.2013

For most, what comes to mind about North Korea, is mainly nuclear destruction, human rights violations, poverty and an unhealthy cult leader.

In Finland, however, there can be found in hundreds of friends of North Korean, and even fans. One of them is a resident of Loimaa, Juha Kieksi, who became interested in North Korea in the late 1980s after seeing an exhibition about it.

– Originally, I did not have much information on the subject, but the more I’m familiar with it, the more interesting it has proven, says Kieksi.

Kieksi is a real man ideals. He is the secretary of the Finnish-Korea society and chairman of the Finnish Society of the JuchePprinciples Learning Society.

Juche is North Korea’s state ideology, which is based on Marxism-Leninism and North Korea’s “eternal president” Kim Il-sung’s teachings. Finnish association has about 150 members

According to Kieks the Juche principle is Korean socialism ideology.

– It means the independence of politics, economy, self-sufficiency and self-reliance in defense, lists Kieksi.

Although the ideology is related to worship of a powerful leader, Kieksi says the juche is not a religious cult.

– It is not religious, because it is not believed to be any higher power. It’s more of a materialistic ideology. The Juche principle assumes that the crowds are building society and revolution.

“North Korea is not be treated as an equal partner”

According to Kieksi, the people of North Korea’s have good possibilities to influence.

More here in Finnish at MTV3

NOTE: Like I said, real loony tunes.

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  1. Making friends is a very dangerous pretension when you are playing with a dangerous military dictatorship.
    North Korea has a punishment system of 3 generations. That meant for one man his grandparents, his parents, and himself were meant to spend the rest of their lives in in prison camp #14 for their whole lives. All because his two uncles escaped to South Korea.
    In North Korea only Govt appointed people are allowed to talk to foreigners – tourist guides and such. For the rest of the population it’s against the law.
    Any tourists visiting North Korea will enjoy a great deal of theater because everything they see is completely staged and the reality of life there is completely hidden from the visitors.

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