Islam Offended Islamic Supremacy



Remember, in Islam, it’s never an offense to browbeat people into accepting Islam, it’s only offensive when people resist their attempts. It’s called jihad.

UPDATE: Persecution of Non-Muslims Spreading To UK From OIC Countries – The Case of A Heathrow Airport Worker (ICLA AENEAS)


Halawi, who came to Britain from Lebanon in 1977, continued: ‘They used to say about 9/11 that it serves the American’s right and that it was a shame the failed London bombings did not go off. When I asked them why they did not go back and live in their own country if they didn’t like the UK, they said ‘we came to the West to try and convert as many people to Islam as we can.

christian woman wins case against bullying muslim workers at airport 13.4.2013

More here. H/T: Gaia

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  1. It is amazing in the West when someone is found to be a boldfaced liar but it’s business as usual in the ME. The jihadists thought this Arabic woman was easy to control. When they found out they could not master her, they tried to destroy her career with the help of submissive dhimmis in authority. I hope she wins a pile of money in her law suit!
    This reminds me of the muslim mullah who spoke out against violence and was rewarded with his murder. Christian Arabs and muslims who speak out for peace instead of violence are the first to be attacked by the vicious and murderous jihadist. The rest of us? We are cannon fodder or so the jihadist believes.

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