Egypt Rape



The video heading describes it as a rape of a Christian Copt, but I can’t be sure, so I can’t post it as such. However, given the region and religion in question, it is highly probable that  it’s a rape being filmed, but I can’t be sure. Vlad adds:

“Next time someone tries to tell you that allah is just the Arabic word for god, ask them when was the last time they heard a Catholic rape gang screaming “Jesus is our lord and savior  while gang raping a girl for the holy ghost.”

Jihad Watch: They’re shouting “Nasara! Nasara! Nasara!” (Christians! Christians! Christians!) as they set upon the terrified woman. And then “Allahu akbar” (Allah is greatest) and “There is no god but Allah.”

NOTE: Given the emotion that this piece of video is likely to produce, I ask that the comments to this post be prudent. I would hate to have to delete anything.

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  1. It is not comments that should be deleted , but ALL the followers of Islam .

    1. I hear you Doctor, just saying….I have to be careful in the comments.

      1. No offence meant KGS , it is your blog , so your rules ; it was just a way of using the word delete instead of something worse .
        It’s still a great blog and I could not do without it .

        1. Oh that’s ok Doc, no offense taken. really. I appreciate your words, and believe me, I wish I could leave pretty much everything as is in the comments.

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