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Abdullah the fibber.

If they have a tongue, you can trust them to lie with it the moment they open their mouths. As with the Left, they have to lie, because they want you to believe in absurd things that are simply not true.

NOTE: That’s how they think about every capital city in the world, it’s all for Islam.

Contrary to the presentation by Abdullah and Abbas, the Peace Treaty, signed by King Hussein of Jordan and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, is between Israel and Jordan; the PA does not play a role.  The “Washington Agreement,” which set out the understanding for the terms of the Treaty, requires Israel to acknowledge the custodial role of Jordan over “Muslim holy shrines in Jerusalem,” it does not require Israel to allow Jordan to prevent “Judaization” of the city.  What it does require is for Jordan and Israel “to act together to promote interfaith relations among the three monotheistic religions.”

King Abdullah and Abbas: Jointly Prevent Judaization of Jerusalem

According to its peace treaty with Jordan, Israel recognizes Jordan’s role as custodian of Muslim sites in Jerusalem, but that role is not to “prevent the Judaization of Jerusalem.”

King Abdullah and Mahmoud Abbas
King Abdullah II and Mahmoud Abbas

On Sunday, March 31, Jordan’s King Abdullah II and the acting leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, signed an agreement to jointly defend Jerusalem “from Israeli Judaization attempts.”

A statement issued by Abdullah’s palace expressed the terms of the agreement and asserted Jordan’s role as custodian of the Temple Mount and other “Muslim holy sites” in Jerusalem.  As custodian, the King asserted, he maintains all rights to exert all legal efforts to preserve them.

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  1. If the Palis had half a brain, they would have accepted the opportunities granted them, and then continued with the war against Israel. Thankfully they didn’t, and continued with their intransigent position for the destruction of Israel. In the meantime, Israel got on with the business of creating facts on the ground. If the Palis continue the way they are for another 50 years, it will allow Israel to incorporate the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) within Israel.

    Isreal should be grateful that they have such incompetent enemies. May every civilised nation be as blessed.

  2. It’s interesting that the imaginary country of Jordan that stole 3/4 of Palestine, then stole Judea/Samaria, calling it “West Bank”, is now going to back another imaginary people in taking land that Jews have lived on for 3 millennium.

    When an Arab steals something from you and you try to get it back, it’s you who are the thief, because they stole it “fair and square”. If you couldn’t hold onto it tight enough, that’s your problem.

    Know Islam, Know Violence
    No Islam, No Violence

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