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An Open Letter to Baroness Warsi

Category: EDL News Published on Saturday, 23 March 2013 00:04

Written by Ignominius

We’ve just come across a programme that aired on Al Jazeera television in October 2012. In it, Conservative Party Peer Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, says the following:

‘The English Defence League despise me, predominantly because of my faith’

This throw-away statement sums up a great deal of the rubbish that politicians like to spout about the EDL, so much so that we’ve decided to write her a response…

“Oh Sayeeda, you’ve got us all wrong – we don’t despise you because of your faith, we despise you because you come out with nonsense like that.

We really don’t care if you believe in God, Allah or whoever else. We couldn’t care less if you pray five times a day, whether you attend a mosque, church or a synagogue, whether you believe you’ll go to heaven or that you’ll be reincarnated as a sea lion. Seriously, we don’t care.

Believe what you want, and do what you want as long as you’re not harming anyone.

Now, your views on Islamic extremism – those we do care about. You seem to believe that Islamic extremism only really exists within the heads of a few bearded lunatics, and that the best way to combat it is to harp on about how Islam really means peace, love and community cohesion.

We don’t think that’s going to work. Why? Because we think the reason Islamic extremism is such a problem is because the larger Muslim community has failed to confront it.

Rather than encouraging the conditions in which British Muslims will stand up to extremists, your government encourages continued inaction. It says to British Muslims: ‘you don’t need to tackle extremism, you don’t need to press for reform, you don’t need to take a long hard look at some of the things your religion teaches.’

That worries the life out of us. It’s enough to frustrate us, to anger us even. But at its heart it’s still little more than a disagreement – it’s not a reason to despise you.

But then you go further. It seems that it’s not enough to tell British Muslims that their religion – the only religion so absolutely plagued with extremism – is not in desperate need of reform. To that you add that the poisonous lie that the main reason people form negative opinions about Muslims is the rampant spread of ‘Islamophobia’.

That’s right – it’s not that Islamic extremism is barely off the front pages, or that criticising the continued spread of Islamic extremism has become such a taboo subject – it’s because of an irrational phobia that has sprung out of nowhere. So how has it ‘passed the dinner-table test’? This one’s a bit of a puzzle because surely if it’s all the fault of Neanderthal hate-mongers like ourselves, then how on earth have we managed to influence people who eat at tables?

Ah, of course, the media must be busy manufacturing links between extremist acts and the religion of peace, right? Never mind that any meaningful criticism of Islam has effectively been banned from the state broadcaster, or that critics of Islam are assailed by a tide of name-calling whenever they do receive any column inches.

‘Racists’, ‘fascists’, ‘Nazis’, ‘the far right’ – you’d think Britain was swamped with these dangerous fanatics; going round attacking free speech, rubbishing democracy, sticking offensive labels on people who happen to disagree with them…

Oh wait… who are the fascists again?

The rest is here.

8 Responses

  1. An open letter to baroness Warsi is a waste of time.
    UK, (as well as Europe) have been sold out.

  2. HUGE islamic revival since 9/11, esp. among muslim youth. Coincidence?
    Enough said.

  3. In 2010, Baroness Warsi was going round to groups of muslims and telling them, that under no circumstances must they join the EDL. Clearly she likes the idea of keeping muslims in their ghettoes, because it inflates her own importance as a “community leader”.


    This is the woman who shares a flat with a man who was a recruitment agent for the islamic nazi party Hizb ut Tahrir. He was at his most active in the mid 90s, when Hizb ut Tahrir were loudly propounding his policy that homosexuals be executed.

    This man was taken into Downing Street to have tea with the Prime Minister.

    Can you imagine the outcry if the wife of some Tory had been a BNP recruitment agent in the 1990s, and she was taken to tea in Downing Street?

  4. I’d prefer religionists, those who subscribe to the existence of interactive spirits, be denied the vote upon the basis of their absurd gullibility. Permitting these colossal dupes to hold public office is suicidal.

  5. “Baroness”??? that creature?? devaluates completely the English titles system.

  6. Of course she can’t walk around any of those filthy hell holes that are muslim arab pariah states because she’d be raped and murdered. Prove us wrong Baroness-please.

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