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Yes this film is from a couple of years ago, but it still is worth viewing again. Sear it into your consciousness, this is an everyday occurrence throughout the Muslim world. 

Are people in the West enslaved, as in the sex trade or in other individual cases? Absolutely, but the practice is not given a stamp of approval from the governments where they take place, they are prosecuted as criminals, in comparison to what happens in many Muslim countries, in spite of their signing the anti-slavery treaties. The second video is via FPM.

NOTE: Without Western interference, the Muslim countries would not have occurred to them to ban slavery by themselves, for slavery is an Islamic sanctioned practice, that’s a fact.

But first this one:

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  1. Slavery has been endemic in the whole world. In most cases it was invasion and occupation. For thousands of years, Europe and Asia was invaded, and the defeated were made slaves. It was simply war booty. Africa was never a target for invasion, as there was nothing worth looting. In any case, Africans themselves were selling each other to any bidder. It was a buyers market – always was.

    One of the scribes of Pharoah writes that the main export of Africa was slaves and animals. Note the word “export”. It implies that the Africans were exporting their own people into slavery.

    Its a sensitive topic, and is bound to hurt feelings all round.

    Slavery died out in Europe as Christianity took hold, and Christian morality became the norm. In the rest of the world, slavery continued as it had for thousands of years. It was the Christian conscience of men like William Wilberforce that led to parliament outlawing slavery. As Britain ruled the world and the waves at the time, this law effectively became international law, backed up by the power of the Royal navy. i.e., a law implemented effectively.

    Had it not been for this happy coincidence, slavery would still be ongoing as part of the economic system of the world.

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