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I have been following this story ever since it began. The accidental hero in question, Mehmet Sahin, has found out unfortunately what it’s like to be on the hit list of Muslim extremists/fundamentalists. After his video interview on Dutch TV was subtitled into English through a joint Tundra Tabloids / Vlad Tepes collaboration (translation: POTB), the ball got rolling internationally.

Mahmet Sahin, though he gets it totally wrong on Israel, gets it right on anti-Semitism, expose, confront and try to win hearts and minds. Muslim communities from all over Europe and in the U.S., Canada and Australia, find similar anti-Semitic expressions being uttered which means that this is not just a Dutch Muslim problem.

Europe has chosen to open its arms to large numbers of people for immigration, who hail from societies steeped in some of the worst anti-Semitism seen since the days of racist German National Socialism. These Arab/Muslim countries are led internationally by an organization called the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, that repeatedly denies the phenomenon in its own backyard, this only serves to compound the problem.

Help the SWC highlight the situation of Muslim anti-Semitism, and write to them, voice your support for Mahmet Sahin’s well noted stand against anti-semitism. information@wiesenthal.com. Also help to highlight the OIC’s open denial of the phenomenon of Muslim/Islamic inspired Jew hatred (Anti-Semitism).

Let’s Speak Up for the Netherlands’ Accidental Hero

Huffington Post: 03/19/2013 6:25 pm

Tarek al-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi was someone who proved that the actions of one man can often alter the course of history. Tragically, Bouazizi achieved his notoriety through the desperate act of self-immolation; a Tunisian street vendor whose desperate protests again municipal harassment and humiliation ended with his fiery suicide in January 2011. That singular act unleashed the tsunami of change dubbed the Arab Spring. His name and image were carried by demonstrators desperate for a better life and drove out seemingly invincible icons of Arab power, including Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak. Whether the Arab Spring will ultimately deliver a better tomorrow or prove to be a windfall for Islamist extremists, Bouazizi’s martyred place in history is secure.

There is another young Muslim who deserves the world’s attention and support. He is not a martyr and not seeking to become one. But as I write these words, he and his family are in hiding because of death threats from in the Netherlands.

Meet Mehmet Sahin, a doctoral student, who volunteers to re-educate street youth in the city of Arnhem. A few weeks ago he interviewed a group of Dutch-Turkish youth on Nederlands TV2 during which several declared their unabashed hatred of Jews and open admiration of Hitler. “What Hitler did to the Jews is fine with me,” said one. “Hitler should have killed all the Jews,” said another.


At least one MP, Ahmed Marcouch said that he will raise the scandal in Parliament. “It is horrible that someone has to be afraid because he has done something that we all should do — teach children not to hate.”

Against the backdrop of Anne Frank’s legacy, how the Netherlands deals with the challenge of such deeply embedded anti-Semitism will impact not only on Dutch Jewry but also on the future of the democratic values of Dutch society. As the late Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, who was much revered by the post WWII generation in the Netherlands, warned: “History shows over and aver again that hate often begins with Jews, it never ends with the Jews.”

Finally, these words from the accidental hero-in-hiding, who wrote this in a recent email —

Within a couple of days, I will move to another city of the Netherlands. My personal situation/story is a shame of the European civilization because it is inconceivable that such barbarism can occur in this country. After what happened in the last three weeks, I understood the eternal loneliness and pain of the Jewish population. In the rest of my life, I will tell the whole world that we all must resist this aggression…

There may not be much we can do to help Mehmet Sahin right now, except to let him know that he is not forgotten. Send a message of solidarity c/o information@wiesenthal.com and together we will let him know he is not alone.

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  1. Anytime you find a righteous muslim who wants to live in peace and who speaks out against violence, you’ll find a muslim who is in danger or has been murdered by jihadists.
    Best wishes and best of luck to Mehmet Sahin. He’s going to need it because the monsters are after him.

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