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This is exactly what the OIC is actively seeking to enforce world wide.


Panel to check comments on Islam, Prophet

Published: 2013-03-13 10:40:46.0

The government on Wednesday formed a nine-member committee to identify and take action against those making derogatory remarks against Islam and Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) using Facebook and blogs.

Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Abul Kalam Azad said Mainuddin Khandakar, an Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Home, has been made the head of the committee on the directive of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He added that the home ministry would take necessary action on the basis of the recommendations of the committee.

The committee could take help from experts and give secretarial support to the ministry, he said.

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  1. Dear Tundra Man,

    That’s certainly awful and despicable, but I’d like to point out that we’ve had a nearly similar body active in Finland since 2008: Internet Police

    There you can get the presentation in English (powerpoint) by clicking the appropriate link.

    A police officer spends his whole time roaming cyberspace, following conversations, blogs, galleries etc in order to spot some illegal forms of expression, which at least now after the Supreme Court’s decision to the effect, also includes possibly derogatory remarks about prophet Muhammed and Islam as religion, expressing disagreement with the current immigration policy, opposing open borders policy etc.

    Violators of the hate speech legislation, which is extremely ambiguous on purpose, so that virtually anything, except derogatory remarks about ethnic Finns (unless they are gay, or similar) or heterosexual white males of other backgrounds, can be identified and prosecuted as hate speech, will be prosecuted, if they are prominently associated with the Finns party or some other than ultra left NGO’s.

    Communists, green thugs and Islamic clerics are allowed to spout murder of infidels, those who not believe in CAGW, those who dare doubt the blessedness of Euro socialism etc.

    While aghast observing the atrocities on the other side of the world, we almost invariably miss those in our own back yard. Taking into account what I think I understand about the Western and Islamic cultures, I would say that the actions being taken by the Bangladeshi described here are pretty much what one’d expect from them. However, similar conduct carried out here, what’s supposed to be part of the Free West, is totally outrageous. I deem these conducts similar because the only difference appears to be the Bangladeshi’s justification of the actions by religion, here there’s not been offered any justification at all.

    Thanks for the great blog, regards,
    Pörri Orava

    1. Thanks Pörri Orava, yes i’m well aware of the Finnish internet police’s activities. The realm of the absurd is indeed in our own backyard.

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